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We provide photography, printing & sponsor branding to expand your tournament and sponsors reach across a variety of social media platforms.


Our professional photographer travels the course and photographs each team.

  • Choose waist high or full length pose.
  • Photos are then wirelessly streamed to the cluhhouse for printing.
  • Highest quality portraiture is achieved through appropriate lighting and composure.
  • Team Photos build memories and contribute to golfers returning year after year.

On-Site Printing

Using proprietary software, team photos are designed to include sponsor branding. We offer 3 print sizes:

  • 3″ x 4″ – $5 per player
  • 4″ x 6″ – $6 per player
  • 5″ x 7″ – $7 per player

Prints are ready for pickup once players return to the clubhouse.

Sponsor Branding/Social Media Service

  • Players receive a text or email with their sponsor branded team photo.
  • Each text/email may include tournament/sponsor links and info.
  • Players will share their photos across various social media platforms expanding your tournament/sponsor reach.
  • This allows your tournament/sponsors to reach thousands of users with like interests of the team players.


All prices are per player and include a glossy print and photo folder.

Print Size3″ x 4″4″ x 6″5″ x 7″
Standard Photo Folder$5.00$6.00$7.00
Specialty Photo FolderN/A$7.75$8.75

Sponsor Branding/Social Media Service included at no charge for 2018 events.

FAQ’s for Organizers

How does the sponsor branding/social media service process work?

Prior to the tournament, the organizer provides a roster of team numbers/mobile phone numbers or email addresses (Specific names are not necessary with this listing).

The organizer decides the preferred method of delivery (text or email) for the sponsor-branded digital images.

Text or Emails may include a message from the sponsor and/or links which will drive traffic to their organization page, charity donations, upcoming events etc.

How will this service help my tournament grow?
The goal of your tournament is ultimately to raise as much money as possible for your particular organization. Printed team photos have traditionally been a proven method of increasing year-over-year participation.
Will I receive a gallery of all the team photos?

Yes, after your tournament, our clients receive a dropbox gallery of all photos taken during their event.

Why should I incorporate your service for my upcoming tournament?

First and foremost, our service includes photography, on-site printing, and social media marketing which vastly expands your sponsors brand/message reach to potential clients.
Our service is focused on two priorities

  • First, is to capture great memories of your tournament that your players will enjoy for years to come.
  • Second, is to significantly increase your tournament’s sponsor participation rate. By creating a “Sponsor Branded Team Photo” which offers players an opportunity to organically share their photos across a full spectrum of social media outlets. This creates the opportunity to reach thousands and more potential clients than with the printed picture alone.

FAQ’s for Sponsors

How will my sponsorship be recognized in the community?

Your sponsorship support for the tournament’s charitable cause will be advertised throughout the community and the number of potential clients you reach is immeasurable.

How many photography sponsors can support a tournament?

Up to 4 sponsors can be designed into the printed photo.

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